Monday, May 06, 2013

"Anyone who is joined to Christ is a new being; the old is gone; the new has come" (2 Cor 5.17)

At times, we are centered in ourselves, in our high and self-conceit, in our arrogance. At times, we keep exclusively criticising others, without even acknowledging the virtues & values on them. We fail  to see the talents on people around us. This happens very often, indeed.

At times,we are focused on materialism; on money which usually extinguishes our spirituality. I feel, deep inside, that Shakespeare was wrong when he said: to be or not to be! That is not the point, at all, in my understanding! The world looks at us with a staggering question: to have or not to have!?

1. One might claim to be christian; yet not to live like one;
2. One might claim to be christian; yet keep "living" in the past;
3. One might claim to be christian; yet act like a gentile.

If, indeed, anyone is joined to Christ, then:

1. The past-life is just a mere reference; the present time actually matters;
2. The feeling of  "ever-missing" should not dictate the life of today;
3. The future is just around the corner! Let's all act and run, while there is time.

People say that a real tragedy anyone might face is not - repeat is not to age, to get older. The real tragedy is to "age the mind", hence a lot of bad and sad things start happening....

I must put an end to this text! Thus, let me remind my dear reader: join Christ while there is time enough for you. Needless to say the world is divided: before Christ and after Christ. Yet, you may be united here and now, to the ruler of the universe: Jesus Christ.

Paulo César Sampaio
Pastor/joined to Christ since the womb.
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