Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas and a blessed 2010 to all my readers!
Yeah! It is Christmas, once again! But, what actually means Christmas?

1. Christmas means cities full of flashing lights multicoloured;
2. Christmas means we should have to "seem" that everything is OK;
3. Christmas means family gathered around table and dinner gets too late!;
4. Christmas means a son-daughter who comes from too distant land...;
5. Christmas means go shopping at last minute... to get bargains!;
6. Christmas means giving and receiving gifts (wow, too cheap!). Sorry!;
7. Christmas means offices plotting parties and "faking" care bout employee;
8. Christmas means employee "fake" he-she loves, loves very much the office;
9. Christmas means a father dressing himself up as Santa;
10.Christmas means a son-daughter of 8 years "faking" to believe in Santa!

Christmas, matter of fact, means: birth of J.Christ. He can born and re-born again and again anytime - and NOT only in December each year!

Okay: Merry Christmas!

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