Friday, December 11, 2009

AIRBUS A400M launched in Sevilla - Spain!

Today, 11.12.2009, in Sevilla (Spain), the big A400M AIRBUS military transporter took off for the first time!

Presences of king Juan Carlos and lots of VIPs (wow!).

The attentive reader might have been asking himself: why pastor PCSampaio has placed this article on his blog-site!?

1. Total of 184 A400M will be flying in the world;
2. It costs a lot of money!;
3. It it the contribution for world peace!?
4. Why more military planes like this one!?

Frankly speaking: I like planes... By the way, the plane was invented by a brazilian: Alberto Santos Dumont, though our friends in USA insist on sayingn that Right Brothers were first to use a plane! France and the whole world acknowledged A.S.Dumont as the unique-real inventor of plane.

Well, better not to discuss about it... aha aha aha!

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