Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy 2010! How do you look at new year?

... and we have come to Jan-2010!

Maybe my dearest reader still suffers from "hangover" or something! Maybe he-she might have entered new year in prayers (NOT so easy, I might state!). But, anyway, we all must face reality: one more year, one more chance, one more period of 365 days that God resolved to give US! Well, how do you look at 2010?

1. Deeply pessimistic;
2. Moderate optimism;
3. It is just the way it is: some things wil never change;
4. I might confess I do not know;
5. None of the above options.

I sincerely wish that 2010 might be better than 2009.
I sincerely wish that my dearest reader might be healthy all through 2010.
I sincerely wish that humans might be even more hu-mans, for real.
I sincerely wish that God Himself might dress up in the colours of your country's flag...!!!

Happy 2010! Please remember me in your prayers!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Pastor/expecting the best yet to come...
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