Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Who is the brazilian?

A recent research carried out by the brazilian government came to the following data:

* Monthly rate per capita: USD 418,00 a month.
* Population: 49% men and 51% women.
* Children per couple: 2
* 40% do not live in the city where they were born.
* 62,9% are economically active i.e. they work.
* 3,2 persons compose a family in Brazil.
* 22% of population have a computer at home.
* 17% have access to Internet.
* 93% have television at home.
* 74,5% have telephone at home.
* 84% have running water at home.
* 71% have eletric power at home.
* 87,5% have garbage collected at home on daily basis.

Well, it is not "that bad"...- a brazilian would say. A visitor from US, Europe or Japan should - on the contrary - possibly say: "That's a disaster for a country which plans to be included in the first world"! Brazil lacks a whole lot! Yeah - nobody can deny it!! But, anyway, it used to be worse - believe me! We have a lot to do...

All we need is: good willing to do the right thing + respected politicians who "feel" the need to change + a lot of work, a lot of work! Maybe, within the next 500 years... things might be better... What!? That's too long time to get better!? NO, it is not! Europe, for example, has - hum, more than 2007 years...

Paulo Cesar Sampaio - pastor and student of Journalism.
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