Wednesday, December 19, 2007

"How long, Oh Lord, must I call for help, but you do not listen? Or cry out to you "Violence" but you do not save?" (Habakkuk 1.2)

Todays word from pastor Paulo César Sampaio

Matter of fact, millions of people suffer on a daily-basis... and call for help, and cry out, and do all kinds of things - but even so are not listened! Why is that so?

1. Lord actually sees all of us, regardless of places, situations, etc.;
2. The point is: there is a 'time' for Him to act;
3. We are always in a hurry and want things to be "fast-made".

Well, we should not fight against Him - not at all! We will never, ever win! Yet, we should all be humble and humbly wait for the time the Lord might act towards us! He wants to act now - today is the day! It all depend on our faith and on the good-willing of God Himself.

We all need help at a certain (or many!) point of our lives! When in troubles, we should not be shy to wave a flag with a sign: "Help wanted". God is love and it (love) may come from many different directions... We never know! We find helpers today. Tomorrow, we might be equally helpers! Help someone in need today - today.

Todays prayer
Father, help me help others, for I know that I shall need help from them someday. Fill my heart with joy and love and willing to help people in need. In Jesus name. Amen.

Paulo César Sampaio - pastor
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  1. Questão complicada pastorzão!

    De qualquer forma, sabendo que Deus é Verdadeiro, e o engano está no homem, toda dor e sofrimento são uma consequência de nossos próprios erros.

    Creio entretanto que Ele ouve nosso grito por "socorro", e atende àquele que "espera confiantemente pelo Senhor".