Monday, August 20, 2007

What have we done so far!?

Photo: beach in Fortaleza - Brazil

August is coming to an end! Within short time, we shall enter the "ber-monthes" (Sep-Oct-Nov-Dec)!
Has any project come to reality so far? No!? Why not!? Well, please mark:

1. I had no project or whatsoever - so far!;
2. I tried my best but could not get it...;
3. Lula, president of Brazil (or Bush!) is the sole guilty-soul for all wrongdoings...;
4. I do not know; what are you talking about!!!???
5. Only God knows it...

In fact, He knows all things! The point is that, for many people, the "guilty" is the other; not oneself - not "us"! So what!? What to do?

1. Think, think hard - project yourself for tomorrow;
2. Do - not only 'think', but do really do something;
3. Do not expect much from others... They may not come at the proper time...;
4. Put your faith on Him (Jesus Christ). He changed lives of billions so far!;
5. Wake up! Get up to reality!

Today is a good day. Tomorrow will be better. The "possible things" you should do now. The "impossible" things are God's specialty - ever, for ever.

Yours in His love,

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Skype: pcesarsampaio

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