Thursday, July 05, 2007

Political Scandals in Brazil - as usual!

Amazing 'disgrace' - what a bad thing we should all admit! In Brazil, it seems that political scandals do not come to an end! Renan Calheiros, president of National Congress is about to be kicked off because he was caught in a scandal.
Calheiros had his personal accounts paid by a lobbyist. The latter used to give money to a journalist with whom Calheiros had a baby-girl of 3 years old. On behalf of Calheiros, the lobbyist used to give money to the journalist on a monthly basis.

Matter of fact, Calheiros has not been someone to be trusted in - not at all! We all know about his political past... The worse of all is that the man does not want to be moved away from the presidency of Congress - by no means! He insists on being the president! The country is stopped! What to do! Okay: let the federal force gunmen 'fire him' - or, at least, move him away... Please!

Scandals are abundant in Brazil since Mr. Lula took over in 2003! For sure, we had other scandals before, but not almost on a weekly-basis - no, not at all! The press has been playing extremely important role for the true development of the country - by naming the problems and, on some occasions, appointing the solutions.

Amazing 'grace' - Brazil should be, at the moment we might have better politicians at the wheel...

Paulo César Sampaio - pastor and student of journalism
Skype: pcesarsampaio