Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christimas time's just come! What to do now?

First of all, this is not just a time for shopping - spending your hard-earned money on "gifts" to all the beloved ones! Why do we have (must!) to give so many gifts at Christmas? Worse of all: very often we are kind of forgotten or - at most! - get some un-valuable gifts in return! Oh well!, come on!, let's concentrate on the most important thing: the reason why Christ-mas exists: this is because 2006 years ago, a man named Jesus was born in the distant land of Israel!

Best of all: Jesus was born, lived a perfect and sinfull life, preached the good news of salvation, was then persecuted and crucified because of his message (revolutionary - at that time..) - Jesus was burried, but raised from the dead, then he was lifted up in heavens, sat down at the right hand of All-mighty God and stands as an intercessor for you and me! Wow! that's awesome! 100 per cent true! 100 per cent worth of faith and must be passed on to all the world.

Do not get "clung" on gifts, do not get too much involved in festivals or whatsoever. Do get involved in celebrations for the reason of Christmas - the Christ of God! Okay - you say you're not "religious"!? Well - who said Christ was religious? Who said Christ paid any attention to religious? For God's sake: Christ was crucified exactly - precisely - mainly because he was not, not religious, like the pharisees at that time! Religion will not lead you up to heavens. What? You do not believe in heavens, you say that the earth is your definitive place to be? You mean it? Well, I will pray on behalf of you - brother! I can see you may NOT have a good 2007... But, if you're a christian: then blessed you are!

Anyway: Happy Christmas and a blessed 2007.

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