Wednesday, January 10, 2007

What's happening to the old beautiful Rio de Janeiro - Brazil?

Picture: Ernesto Carrico/ O DIA

First of all: lack of authotity, this is first and main problem! No police force enough to combat so many bandits - all over! Worse of all: many policemen are somewhat involved in the bandit force(s)... and this can only turn things even more difficult to the "real" police. Last week of Dec-06, lots of buses were burned - people were inside! and got to be killed, too. A complete disaster! This is civil war going on in Brazil and government fake(s) to see and take care of...

Why the turmoil(s) from bandits all over? Mainly because the police has been trying to "control" them at penitenciaries plus avoiding them from trading drugs in the mountains (ghettos) that surround Rio de Janeiro.

Now, after lots of attacks from criminals; buses burned up; tourists robbed even at the airport (!), the crisis installed all over Rio de Janeiro. The elected governor, Mr. Cabral, decided to request the National Security Forces - a group of about 600 men, destined to land at Rio in order to help the local state police to "clean up" things... Well, let's see it, buddy! I myself do not believe this will solve the issue, but something should be done... today, now!

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