Wednesday, November 30, 2005

May Chidiac - lebanese journalist, will soon be back

Lebanon1' prominent TV anchorwoman was mutilated in assassination attempt on September 25, reported the LBC TV, in Lebanon. She is known for her courage in criticizing Syria, when no one could even utter a word. Chidiac is 40 years old and a rightist journalist.

She described the assassination attempt: "I turned to the back seat to put something and someone pressed a button to detonate the bomb. In a split second, I flew to back seat and saw my severed arm in front of me. At that time, I had not realised that I had also lost my leg".

Chidiac works in a christian TV and declared that she should be back to work as soon as prosthetic limbs are made for her. It is clear that the evil hands are still everywhere - especially in the middle east, reported an important lebanese journalist. The cowardly attackers tried to stop the voice of freedom in Lebanon, but did not succeed. The whole world repudiate such act of terror and violence against Chidiac. Peace on earth - mainly in the Midlle East.

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