Friday, December 16, 2005

Before I forget, I must confess this 2005 has not been - by no means - an "easy" year... Not at all! Maybe the same thing happens with my readers - all over! Well, we should not dismay, faint or something... NO! God Himself has new and blessed plans to each one of us, in the coming year 2006! How do I know it? I just know it -and you should believe me. Better saying: believe Him (Jesus Christ). Not to believe in something, or someone above us, is something very frustrating - devastating, to some extent. People get depressed easily when they do not have a target, someone to share their feelings, their emotions, their projects for the future.

In 2006, may the lord Jesus Christ be upon your life in order to bless you in every possible way. May all your dreams come true in 2006. Remember: if you got a dream not true, then that's the best for you. He knows better than you do... but he sees your tears and prayers... and shall confort you ... in every way.

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