Friday, November 18, 2005

VARIG - Brazilian Airlines...

In Brazil, newspapers today, 18/11, report that Varig - one of the biggest arlines in the world - has been undergoing a massive economic turbulence. 150 pilots were fired because they have no planes to fly! There are 16 jets in the ground in need of maintainance! (another jet-company!). Pilots had been receiving their wages monthly - although not in operation. Varig lost 346 millions of U S Dollars in the last three monthes!

Varig representatives have been trying to negotiate some loans with brazilian government in order to overcome this difficult moment. TAP (portuguese state airline) has been in talks with Varig in search of a joint-venture. Maybe this might really help to save the brazilian Varig.

On the other hand, if you, dear reader, like to fly, Varig Training Center, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers you a Flight Simulator (real one!) for USD 190,00 a day plus 5 per cent state taxes! The good thing: you could help Varig to survive and, who knows, you may start your pilot career...

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