Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lula + Chavez + Fidel = ?????

The whole world - USA, mainly - has been watching the moves of these three gentlemen. They have been always together on every forum to discuss subjects like: famine, corruption, economy, etc. Quick analysis of each one of them:

a. Lula: elected in 2002 to change the economy, the social gap, the corruption, etc., in Brazil. However, until today, 2.11.2005, Lula himself and his PT (labour's party, left wing) have been totally involved in scandals, corruption, etc.!! The opponents have been now requesting Lula's resignation. The unemployment rate in Brazil is very high - c.19pct. Economy stuck. However, the bankers have been celebrating the "wonderful times" in Brazil. For instance: a banker gets money outside Brazil at 2-3pct a year and lends inside Brazil at 12pct a month!!! a month!!! This is heavens on earth indeed!, for bankers. What a shame! Shame on you, Mr. Lula. Off Lula!

b. Fidel: assassin of over 17.000 citizens in Cuba, since he took office back in 1959. He usually shoots opponents in the ''paredon''. No democracy in Cuba at all. By the way, some ministers of Lula's government have been trained in Cuba... not long ago...Some congressmen, too.

c. Chavez (Hugo): elected by people in Venezuela. Populist, communist, has been arming his people to defend the country against a possible (?) invasion of USA in search for petroleum... Matter of fact, Chavez is a problem of Venezuela. Pat Robertson, american preacher, republican, had the insane action of suggesting his government to go and "eliminate" Chavez. "It would be safer, this way", declared the famour preacher! What a stupid declaration of a preacher! Chavez became very upset with such an insane declaration and demanded some action from US Government against his preacher.

On the other hand, we do know that many businessmen, executives in Venezuela have been taking the money at banks and flying away to Europe, US or other neighbouring country. Reason? The instability that Chavez causes since he took office. This is a real fact.

Recently, on a brazilian TV called "Cultura", Chavez declared that there is actually a project to transform the whole Latin America into a communist society. In fact, communism failed in Soviet Union and sattelite countries, but triumphed into heads of Lula + Fidel + Chavez. What a shame, what a misfortune!