Friday, January 07, 2005

TSUNAMI - no forecast!

The world was deeply surprised by the catastroph occurred in the Indic sea at the end of Dec./2004. Over 155.800 people died until today, 7/1/2005, apart from the lost ones, due to the big waves (Tsunamis) caused by an earthquake in the Indic, that invaded costline cities. Thousands os locals and tourists died dragged by the waters. Some questions arise:

1. Why the so-called "Tsunami warning centers", located in Asia, failed to forecast?
2. Will those countries have enough help from UN and other organizations?
3. How can we (me and you) help those people?
4. Was the Tsunami some kind of "punishent from God" or something?

Human beings have very big capacity to ask questions; but not to answer them all! Some christians ventured (dangerously!) to say that - to some extent - the Tsunamis were some kind/form of punishment to those people who had been severely persecuting and kiling christians all over Asia (Indonesia, in particular). I myself do not believe this theory! GOD would be a killer Himself; not a SAVIOUR to punish thousands of innocents for the sins of their elders.

Notwithstanding, lots of questions still come afloat through our minds... I am afraid we should not, not in life, have all the answers... But GOD reigns, regardless of our questions, our complaints, our incapacity to understand some signals.

May GOD help those peoples in Asia - through all the hands, all the hearts, all the souls, regardless of their beliefs, their religions.

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