Monday, December 20, 2004

2004 coming to an end - finally!

And so this is Christmas! Once again! Santa Claus!

What should we ever say about this dying year?
Good or bad? Do not know, you do? Maybe it all depends on one's point-of-view!
Hum... anyway, grandmom used to say that every point-of-view is a unique view of just a mere point... and so, in fact, should not be taken for granted...

One way or the other, good or bad, we should all thank God for being still alive - amidst lots of troubles in this crazy world.

Peace might just keep being a beautiful, desired and dreamt of word - or not! Again, it all depends on us, on our clear vision of future...

Let peace rings from the mountains of Iraq, of Haiti, of Afganistan, of _________(complete yourself).

Merry Christmas and Happy 2005!

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