Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Elections in Brazil - 2004
Last October 3, 2004, we had elections all over 5.000 counties. Democracy had its way up, someone should say. Maybe yes; maybe not! How is that? Simple: one should spend about USD 400.000,00 to get to be elected in this poor country of Brazil. Now, considering that the elected will not have the USD 400.000,00 back (in salaries) during the four-year mandate (sic - !!??), a question arise: why boys and girls struggle to sit down on main chair at City Council Hall? Hum... there might be a reason! You name it!

On the other hand, we should not say that every candidate must spend USD 400.000,00 to get to be elected! A few honest, decent, dedicated men and women got to be elected - spending not big amount of money! How is that? Simple: dependability, hard working services devoted to the population.

Let's all watch boys and girls - mayors all over the country of Brazil.

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