Saturday, March 30, 2013

Oh no, it hurts me so
Just the same old thing
Just the same old thing
No matter how much love you try to bring
Its just the same old thing

Black Keys
At this very moment, 22h30, local brazilian time, thousands and thousands of young people are taking part at Lollapalloza 2013, in the city of Sao Paulo, southeast of Brazil. It is another rock-festival, written this way, all by myself, and I have reasons why:

1. I don't think rock is a "constructive style of music"; but a "desconstructive one";
2. Almost all lyrics are extremely poor - I say it again: extremely poor lyrics;
3. Most people do not actually understand what it is being sung, at all;
4. Drugs, of all kinds, will be undoubtedly present - as usual;
5. Within 9 month-time, we shall certainly have "babies", if you know what I mean...

In short, as the lyrics above clearly declare: it is just the same old thing.

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