Monday, March 25, 2013

"He who comes from God listens to God's words. You, however, are not from God, and that is why you will not listen" (John 8.47).

When asked, we usually reply that we are from God. This would mean that over 6.7 billion people would be sons of God. Yet, this is not true, at all. There are people who practice more animalistic actions than a rhino in a chinese porcelaine's shop...!!!

Jesus confronted the religious intolerance of the "men of God" of his time. Religious creatures jealous and ignorant to realise the Old Testament being fulfilled before their very own eyes. Jesus did another reading of the more than 685 commandments of the Old Testament, and summed up all in a single and deep statement: "Love God above all and your neighbour as yourself". It was awesome! This simple way of interpreting the Scriptures was unacceptable to the "templars".

Nowadays, many read the Bible; not all understand it; and even fewer actually put the words into practice.

As christians, we have a literature (Bible). Every single action of ours should be based upon the fundamentals of the apostles, and hence from the words of God, through the Scriptures. Heresies come when anyone tries to "invent-create" doctrines which are not, I say it again, which are not within the Scriptures! Watch out!

As a teacher (poor man of myself!), I am aware of the different interpretations of the Scriptures. However, the essence is the same: salvation only through Jesus Christ. (Acts 4.12). This is real christianity.

Easter coming next week-end. Say prayers of thanksgiving! This may be your last time - who knows!?

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
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