Thursday, December 27, 2012

Resurrection at the end of the world: 21.12.2012

I actualy died on 21.12.2012, about 2pm on a sunny afternoon, at the temperature of 34 ºC in the shadow, in the province of Ceara, northeastern Brazil. I was the victim of Maia, his timing, his calendar, his predictions.

First of all, I must say that I was a victim of the media, controlled by no more than six families in the whole world. They are ambitious people who need - for reasons of survival - controversial issues, management of comments, production of many reports, causing heated discussions about the end of the world, which should be real close, judging by mental retardation of millions, or even billions! On a poor and shallow grave, and sad, and in the last row of the cemetery, I was put.

Few souls went to my funeral, almost nobody wept - except the widow - she wept of disgusting, for I had done a life insurance policy "that would not give much to her," in her opinion. Besides, she still had 12 children to feed, and a Christmas ahead to buy gifts whose prices would be extremely expensive, as usual.

Those who are amazed by the amount of children, I should clarify: I was a member of an ancient brotherhood: Benedictus. Each member made an oath to leave on earth a total of 12 riders-knights. The brotherood was the continuation of the Templars, holy men - and warriors - who guarded the way to the Holy Land, the Israel of God.

The cemetery emptied, while the day ended and evening came upon us.The widow, poor creature, took her last coins to pay for the funeral, before returning home, with the 12 riders-knights, on a "van" of a sympathizer of the brotherhood Benedictus.

On the third day, around 2pm, I felt something extraordinary: a sound as of a rushing mighty wind, hissed across the saint field. The sun fled and a thin rain precipitated over the entire lawn of the place. The temperature dropped to 23ºC, conducive to a resurrection.

The worms did not have access to my body, regardless of their protest, without any effect - naturally. An angel, a six winged, came from the Almighty and said to me: your time has not yet come, flathead! Your heart attack was the product of your small brain itself, through which the media took advantage and instilled this stupid idea of "end of the world"!

Therefore, behold, you were added a few years. Keep believing in the end of the world, but in accordance to what the Bible says.But the angel continued, - as punishment for your belief in the media, here and now, you will return aged.

I forced the lid, which had been badly seated (Oh, these undertakers of today!). I came back to life, and to the widow, and to the 12 riders-knights, and to the expenditure for the Christmas party at the church, and to a few friends, and - wow, to the borrowers - those diabolical creatures without consideration neither respect to someone who died and now - by His grace - is alive, again!

See, my readers, the above picture, and mourn with me! Watch the "state-condition"  I am now. Anyway, I came back! Ressurection is a fact!

Paulo César Sampaio
Pastor/from the tomb...
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