Thursday, November 15, 2012


10h15AM, 33ºC, by the seashore, 15km away from Fortaleza, northeastern Brazil, a total of 7 souls were baptised into water, for the glory of God.

1. Francisco de Assis Bezerra
2. Ivna Belo Barbosa
3. Livia Belo Lima
4. Monica Mesquita da Silva
5. Maria Liliane Gomes de Sousa Maia
6. Maria de Lourdes Simão da Silva
7. José Alexandre Lima Gomes

From today onwards, they are all welcome to the Supper, celebrated in our little church every 4th Sunday of each month.

The true Gospel has been preached in Fortaleza - Brazil. By "true" we mean: Christ-centered, theologically correct according to Arminian's interpretation. We fully respect all other theological segments-interpretations, but this (Arminian) is our basis. Little by little, God has been adding souls to His flock, since inception of our community, back in 2002 (yes: 10 years ago).

God is great and good - oh yeah: very good indeed!

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