Friday, October 15, 2010

Miners in Chile (rescued, after all)

The world stopped to watch miners being rescued in Chile. Millions and millions of viewers through TV. Chilean president, Mr. Pinera, today is well known all over! I heard that some film-maker already trying to sign contracts with miners as soon as possible! Yes, out of the chaos God can produce miracles and miracles...

Today, situation is as follows:

1. The whole world knows that Chile is located in South America.
2. The whole world knows that Chile speaks spanish.
3. The whole world knows that Mr. Pinera is president of Chile.
4. The whole world knows that miners work under very difficult conditions.
5. The whole world knows that it is possible to use technology to rescue lives.

There were 33 miners. The one who knelt down with a Bible in hands, was the espiritual leader of them all. They are all heroes, yes - that is for sure! To survive 72 days beneath the earth... is actually an act of God!

May God bless each one of the miners!
May God bless Chile!
May God bless my reader!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Pastor/fan of miners...
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