Friday, September 17, 2010

"Do everything without complaining or arguing" (Philippians 2.14)

We do many things.
We do not do many things.
Things were made to be done
Things were made to be destroyed - sometimes.
Life is like this: some good & some bad things taking place every single day!
We complain a lot! Hu-mans complain too much; animals do not! But, we are all animals, right?

We argue a lot! Hu-mans argue too much; animals do not! Aren't we all animals!?
In which way(s) are we hu-mans better than animals?
In fact, many animals are far much better than hu-mans!
Many hu-mans behave worse than animals!

May God forgive all hu-mans and protect, and protect all animals!

Paulo César Sampaio
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