Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fortaleza-Brazil 27.07.2010

Every month, I use to go to the beach Beira-Mar, in my hometown, to preach the word of God. I do not use electronic equipment because this would require especial permission from local city hall. It is widely known here that our lady-mayor is not, by no means, fan of believer!

The text used was Matthews 6.24: you cannot serve-dedicate yourself to two Lords: God and the money! You ought to make a choice in your life!

On today's world, people do not actually only run for money, they transpire, they breath, they smell money and long for it everywhere!!! How sad indeed!!!

Bible says that ALL who breath-transpire money shall have consequences. The problem is not - by no means - the money itself, but the LOVE for it, for the money! Therefore, be wise and:

1. Ask yourself: who is my Lord?;
2. Am I happy?;
3. Happiness means money?;
4. Should it not be time enough for a change in my life?;
5. Think your whole life over and over again - today, today, today.

Remember: life is too short for you to waste it running after money.

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Pastor/in pursuit of happiness, even with little money...
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