Thursday, February 18, 2010

2010 finally starts in Brazil!
Carnival is finally over and the new year starts in Brazil!

Hints to have a good year 2010:

1. Say some prayers for you and for ME;
2. Take note of your plans. Yeah, do plan, buddy!;
3. Endeavour to do your very best, your very best. He (God) will do his best;
4. Be humble to learn and kind to teach;
5. Help someone and some (one, at least!) will help you. This is a law.

Stop mourning. Stop complaining. New year 2010 is at your doors!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Pastor/international lectures on spirituality & day-to-day life...
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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous5:25 pm

    Dear friend
    You DO look great that way.
    Is this a sign of joy coming through the year?
    As it is said: "De louco e gênio, todo mundo tem um pouco".
    And I do not have any doubt!