Friday, January 15, 2010

I don't like eating duck flesh... (Esther, 6 years old)

Some people say that best period in life is that of childhood!

A few people would say: for sure!

Days ago, my niece Esther (6 years old), after listening to adult talks on eating flesh, fish or anything "eatable", she uttered: I don't like eating some flesh with feathers or whatever...!!! Wow, that's weird! It made me ponder:

1. Let's avoid eating "red flesh";
2. Let's eat some more white flesh or fish;
3. Let's avoid eating too much. It is a sinful act...;
4. Let's drink some good-quality red wine. Good for blood circulation;
5. Let's pray before and after eating (just to make it sure!).

Very important: do not waste - no way! There are millions starving to death in this crazy world.

Paulo César Sampaio
Pastor/red wine-white flesh appreciator
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