Tuesday, September 01, 2009



It is said that we all have some "kind of faith"! Something inside - you know it!

Many people say that faith is sort of "escape from reality". We cannot - by no means - agree to this. Bible says in Hebrews 11.32-38 that men and women chose to endure torture rather than renounce their spiritual convictions. Today, missionaries around the world are a real proof that the same faith is still alive - for ever and ever!

Our faith in Christ is not an escape at all. On the contrary, it is the way to endure the tortures of this stressed and crazy world we live in! Faith is often built during troubles!

1. Be advised that you have faith. Look inside of you! Bring it up to surface;
2. Be advsied that you should put your faith into action - today, not tomorrow;
3. Be advised that through faith you will be be a conqueror - yes, in Jesus's name;
4. Be advsied that you should NOT listen to other voices, but Christ's solely;
5. Be advised that it is time enough you move away from your escape.

More and more faith; not faith no more!

Father, help me to rescue my faith;
Father, give me more faith;
Father, I than you for reminding me of my faith.

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