Friday, July 10, 2009

Yes - we're in middle of year 2009!

In the beginning of Jan/09, we must have made lots of projects!
But then we all realized that things should not be so easy!
Something happened: global financial crisis, starting from USA...
Now, what to do:

1. Start praying hard to hold your job, your company, yourself;
2. Start doing your best, start offering something different, etc.;
3. What? You think you do not have faith enough!? Yes, you do have it buddy!;
4. He, right up in heavens, believes you! It is time you start believing Him;
5. Remember: half of year has passed by! We have more 6 monthes ahead;
6. Stand still. Be firm!

It is time you start thinking on heavenly things; not only earthenly things.

May God bless you today and ever!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Skype: pcesarsampaio
ooVoo: pcesarsampaio

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