Thursday, July 23, 2009

"I will punish you as your deeds deserve, declares the Lord (...)" Jeremiah 21.14

Most people think that "punishment" lies back into the past -medieval times, etc. No, not at all - baby! God is overlooking everyone of us, from high above, but - at same time - He is so very much close to us that we can almost "feel" His presence.

In fact, some people "feel Him"; others do not - never, ever! Why is that so!?

1. The world is composed of about 6 billion people;
2. Only 2 billion is made up of christians...;
3. Maybe not even 10% remember that He searches us - everywhere, anytime;
4. Certainly it is about time for you to wake up to reality. He is alive!

The best inheritance you may actually give to your offsprings is: love, education, fundamentals, faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and eternal life.

Next time you feel yourself full of hatred and rage... Stop and count 1 thru 10!

God bless you today and ever!

Paulo César Sampaio
Pastor/Prior of Templars
Skype: pcesarsampaio
ooVoo: pcesarsampaio

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