Monday, September 22, 2008

Expected things do not - sometimes - come true...

Sometimes, things and people just come in front of us and we go thinking: wow! things will just go this time! But nothing!

While things and/or people are with us, we mean in our possession, we make plans to be with them, that is, to make the best out of their presence with us... We dream about it(them)! It just happens! Our desire is "to make things happen"! But to our entire surprise and unsatisfaction, "things and/or people" simply do NOT get/go! What a pity! How sad! Terrible! Life is like that - nobody can deny!

It just happens in all stages of life: at home, at work, at school, etc. We make plans + plans, but they all fail (almost!). We get scared and try to find a way out and/or - at least - some comprehensible way for the whole thing... Not always we have some response(s)!!!
Well, christians should remind that Proverbs 16.1 say that we make plans, but the right response comes from the Lord! Okay, lots of people do not accept such a proverb-word from the Bible, we do know it! But what to do? This is all true!

Life is full of surprise(s). Frankly speaking, I wish I had not any surprise(s) that might come against my "feelings"...!!! Okay: I might be dreaming... I admit! But I have the right to try it...

May God of surprise(s) bless you and make some of your dreams come into reality!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Skype: pcesarsampaio

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