Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The one who comes from heaven is above all" (John 3.31b)
Picture: PCSampaio, in Tokyo.

Do you know where you going to?
Do you llike the things that life is showing you?
Where are you going to?
Do you know!

Todays word from pastor Paulo Cesar Sampaio:

Above are lyrics from an old song... Humans pass by - shortly.

Only God is eternal! But, there is a problem! Many people act if they were not supposed to die! Yes, they think to be on earth forever and ever! Uau! They will have big surprise! We are not, not from this planet! We are from high above!. But above us, above all, there came a man whose name was Jesus Christ, the son of God Almighty, and he was rejected by all - by all!

Okay, so what to do?

1. Lets acknowledge that we are of "little value", better to say: of no value at all;
2. Lets acknowledge that we do not actually know where we are going to - unless we are true christians;
3. Lets acknowledge that God is love and so and it just can be spread out wherever, whenever, to whoever listens to the son - Jesus;
4. Lets acknowledge that, as human beings, we are extremely limited and do not know everything - not at all!;
5. Lets acknowledge that we need help - yes, we do need help, desperately, sometimes!;
6. Lets acknowledge that there are so many philosophies, religions, spiritual "ways" etc but none of them fits our need(s);
7. Lets acknowledge that Jesus Christ actually divided the world: b.C (before Christ) and a.C (after Christ)!!! Not bad!!!
8. Lets acknowledge that nobody else but Him (Jesus) had such a big impact in the world until today - until today!;
9. Lets acknowledge that there is a purpose on all things in life. Nothing happens "by chance". No!;
10. Lets acknowledge that the main purpose in our short life is to please Him (Jesus) and, under pressure/problems, get our salvation, after all.

Kindly think on these "10 commandments" while I pray on your behalf:

Todays prayer:
Father, I thank you in Jesus name for the many people who come to this site and read your word!
Father, I acknowledge that I am nothing, but you are everything and over everything and everybody, in heaven and on earth!
Father, I thank you for your caring towards me and my family.
In Jesus name. Amem.

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