Wednesday, February 07, 2007

He who works his land will have abundant food, but he who chases fantasies lacks judgement" (Pv. 12.11)

Today, we hear all over that nature has been suffering from the wrong doings of mankind. Pollution, devastation, lack of carefulness, overheating, etc.

All this has been simply and terribly caused by all of us! Nobody is exemption to the rule! Nobody! In all we do, in all we think, it might have some ecological effect! That’s for sure!

Some think that matters of nature should not worry us that much! Some think that the problems nature faces today are "something" for the future generations! Well, the "dude" does not understand that – in future, his descendants will still be here – on earth!, suffering the consequences...

The word of God says that "he who works his land will have abundant food". As far back as we can remember, the planet earth is big enough to feed everyone. Where is the problem, then!? Well, it is in you, in me, in us! We should take more care of our land, of our city, of our country and planet! This is a question of life – today and ever!

Let us not be like "he who chases fantasies...". Let us all be intelligent. The earth will "thank" us. So our children and grandchildren...

Veritas et Vita