Monday, May 15, 2006

Extreme Violence in Brazil
This past week-end, the city and state of Sao Paulo - biggest in Brazil and in Latin America -was flooded with violence. Total of 65 buses were burned, over 50 people were dead (shot by criminals - until today 15.05.2006) and over 115 people are still kidnapped by gangs in over 44 penitenciaries all over the state.

The mentor-chief of the whole violence is a criminal organization called PCC (First Command of Capital - initial letters in Portuguese) centered in Sao Paulo City. Criminals are commanded from the "indoors of cells", that is, from the very cell of the penintenciaries - all via mobile phones, which were supposed NOT to function inside the cells ... but all in vain!

State and federal governments are taking steps to put all the gangs off-work. Some especialists say that police forces will have a lot of work... The problem is not just of "police", but also - mainly, some should clearly state - of "social injustices all over"... Well, let's see how this turmoil will come out...