Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Nobel Peace Prize to Bush & Blair?
This week, the world was shocked by the nomination of Bush & Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize - among other candidates. Hum... there is definetly something wrong with the committee that evaluates (judges - more appropriate word) the actions of some world leaders...

How on earth could someone name warriors for a peace prize? In USA & England, mothers are being left without sons who went to this complete insane war caused by Bush - and supported by Blair. Let's not forget Aznar (prime-minister of Spain) and a bunch of other world leaders who have been supporting this war until today.

Let's not also forget that hundreds of iraquis have been under continuous bombing - at any time, day or night, by american and british forces. Let'ts not also forget that the so-callled 'mass destruction weapons' - one of the main reasons for the invasion of Iraq - have not been found until today, 03/02/2004.

Bush has now declared to have been incorrectly informed by CIA spies... prior to invasion of Iraq! Oh, well! after ten years of struggling against US authorities for more money, maybe now it is the time for a 'revolution-invasion' inside the CIA itself...

John Paul II is a candidate for world peace prize, too. Well, behold a man who has been doing something for the peace. My heart goes to him. Yeah - let's all vote for Woytilla, before he dies without this deserved prize.