Monday, December 15, 2003

Today, 15.12.2003, we read on newspapers in the whole world that Saddan Hussein (former Iraq leader) has just been caught, by US forces, in Iraq - after 8 monthes of intensive capturing.

Ladies and gentlemen, we got him - said Mr. Paul Bremer, head of Coalition Provisional Authority, in Iraq. "Now the former dictator of Iraq will face the justice he denied to millions. The capture of this man was crucial to the rise of a free Iraq. It marks the end of the road for him (Saddan) and all who bullied and killed in his name", said Mr. Bush - president of USA.

"Saddan has gone from power. He will not be coming back. The shadow of Saddan has finally lifted from Iraqi people", said Mr. Tony Blair - prime of England.

"I am delighted", said Mr. Chirac - prime of France.

"Great joy", said Mr. Schroeder, prime of Germany.

Templarium's points to ponder:

First: everyone in the world knows that there are "about" eight or nine "Saddans", i.e. sosia (men, about the same age as Saddan, who had undertaken surgery to exactly look like the true Saddan..)... Therefore, here comes the question: where are these eight or nine "Saddans"? Why none of them had been "captured" until today? Wouldn't this "Saddan" be one of the sosia? No? Why? Because the US forces said that "this" is the "true" Saddan? Because the DNA test was applied and "showed" that this is the man-Saddan? Let's not forget that the DNA was applied by US forces only... Has someone else, seen the DNA test being applied to "this" Saddan?

Second: isn't strange that this Saddan was captured "alone" in a "spider-hole", in the ground under a hut near a farmhouse...? With him were found two AK-47 rifles, a pistol, and 750.000 US dollars. An orange and white taxi was parked nearby... Why didn't he resist? Newspapers say that US soldiers did not recognise him because he was "dishevelled figure hiding in the hole"... Oh, let's not forget (please!) that US soldiers asked who the man was and had a shocking answer: I AM SADDAN! Hum... let's NOT forget either that, yes, "this" Saddan was being betrayed by some relative ... who actually, we all assume, reported to US forces that "that" Saddan, in the whole, was actually Saddan... It seems that US foces did not believe in the betraying relative very much...

Justice: was it legal the invasion to a free and sovereign country like Iraq? Where are, please where are the "massive destruction weapons" Iraq has been hiding until today? Templarium is NOT pro-Iraq. Let Iraqi people resolve their own situation(s) - including that of true Saddan. Templarium is pro-sovereignty of any, any country, regardless its form of government: democratic or not. The citizens of each country must have the right to form, reform and/or transform the whole thing.

The shadow of Saddan has finally lifted from Iraq, said prime-minister Tony Blair. Well, when the shadows of Bush, Blair, Aznar (BBA) and many others will finally lift from Iraq?

Would "this" Saddan be the true Saddan? Templarium doubts... until the DNA tests applied to the dishevelled figure be accessed by non-US doctors.

More news ahead on this issue.