Thursday, May 29, 2003

Whitney recently travelled to Jerusalem in order to visit members of the religious sect "black jews", who promised to help her stop taking drugs. The sect members live in a city called Dimona, in the desert. The leader is an ex-american pastor named Ben Ami, whose original name is Gerson Parker!. Mr. Parker believes to be the incarnation of the 'lost tribe of Israel'. The 'point' is that Israeli Government does not acknowledge the sect members as actually 'jews', and manage to limit their movements inside Israel. The sect approves polygamy and is vegetarian. Originally, in the US, sect members are well known as 'racists'. Bobby Brown, Whitney's husband, travelled with her. Source: site, in Brazil - quotting Mr. Roger Friedman,, in USA.

Templarium comments the issue: first, Whitney desperately needs treatment - obvious! Would anyone think she might get treated in Dimona, desert of Israel, within racists, who think to be the 'lost tribe of Israel'? Secondly, Gerson Parker, wacky leader of this sect, should never, ever be considered an 'ex- pastor' - not at all! True pastors would not forsake the truth of Jesus Christ.