Thursday, May 29, 2003

Is it possible to have the wrong kind of faith? Or is it enough just to believe in something? And if that's the case, isn't one religious idea just as good as another? After all, many people say "Everybody believes in something"!

However, if you claim to be a true-christian, you ought to know what the Bible says about this matter. Templarium wants to answer these questions and prove that there is only one faith that will stand the test of time.

Scientists say that the universe is billions and billions of years old and that it all started with a 'Big Bang'. They endeavour to explain and show many interesting facts. Millions of people believe in scientists. When they say that the world was created by some "Big Bang", this is just a belief for which they have not any scientific proof!. This is 'faith' in 'assumptions'.

Young lady stands patiently along the road. She tries to sell flowers to uninterested drivers as they stop for a red light. She smiles and without complaint she spends the whole day - trying to sell flowers in order to attend a leader that told her that he is the Messiah. She has 'faith' in her 'leader'.

Millions of people bow reverently and humble toward their holy city. Fanatically devoted to the religion of their ancerstors, these people of Middle East heritage pause three times every day to pray to one they call Allah. They have 'faith' in "Allah'.

Candles light the room like miniature lanterns, casting some glow over the tiny religious figurines on the shelf. Day after day, the elderly woman devotes herself to rituals she was taught many years before. She prays for her husband's soul. She has 'faith' in her 'religion'.

The man gets into his car, put the key into the ignition, and turns it. He starts the car. He goes home, but he decides to stop at the grocery store and buy something: two loaves of bread, a package of hot dogs, cans of tomato soup etc. Back home he picks up the phone and dials, never thinking that it might not work... He performs hundreds of acts like that every day. He has 'faith'.

The rightness of wrongness of faith is determined by its object - by what you believe in: a) right faith is not just a warm, secure feeling; b) right faith is not a blind, wild, irrational hope; c) right faith is not an end in itself; d) right faith is not based on one's imagination.

Conclusion: the rightness of faith is determined by its object! Your faith is right if you put your trust in the right thing-person.

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