Saturday, May 24, 2003

Luis Fux, 50, one of the judges of the Justice Supreme Court in the city of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, had his house invaded and robbed yesterday, Friday, 23.5.2003. Mr. Fux lives in a middle class suburb called "Copacabana" - by the seashore. Being a jiu-jitsu fighter, Mr. Fux reacted and struggled against the gangsters. All in vain. He is at the hospital along with son Rodrigo and daughter Marianna. They will survive - declared the physician.

Rio de Janeiro has actually transformed itself in a 'neo-Medellin or neo-Cali' (famous colombian cities ruled by gangsters, narco-guerrilas etc). Every single day, Rio Gangsters - coming down from the guettos, up in the hills around the city of Rio - fight against police forces. Most of the times, gangsters declare a 'solemn holiday' in a 'bunch' of suburbs ... citizens gently obey: offices, stores, schools, etc., are all 'shut down' by the orders of the Lords of Terror.

LULA new anti-gangsters policy is to better train police forces and equip them with faster vehicles, guns, etc. Maybe it is going to work - in the long run; yet, in the short, we will definitely have more innocents murdered.