Monday, May 26, 2003

After the leftist party took office in Brazil, last Jan 1st, 2003, we have been facing a continuous growth of dependability (credibility - someone would say) from the international investors towards the brazilian economy. Would it be a miracle? No, this is just the same old economic policy of ex-president Fernando Cardoso being implemented by the adversary Mr. Luis Inacio LULA da Silva ... - In fact, investors have just been 'searching and searching ' a safe (?) place to put their money on... Brazil offers 12,0 (or more!) per cent a year - on average (yes, this is the 'miracle')... while other countries in the so-caled 'first world' just offer 4 - 6 per cent a year! so, where to put your hard-earned little money? Yes - in Brazil! Come and enjoy this leftist party - before it comes to an end!