Monday, September 18, 2017


No doubt: life has been severely affected on the brethren living in Florida over the past years, due to the frequent hurricanes. Devastation is all over and will never, ever be forgotten.  The pain is out there! But the pain is also - and mainly! - inside the chest, the mind, the whole body! And now!? What to do? 1. Believe it or not, God has everything under control; 2. He, God, has His own ways to councel-advise-draw people's attention; 3. The world will NOT (probably) finish now... 4. Other hurricanes (truth fact) will come over, bearing different names; 5. Get protection here and now!  What protection do I mean? Well, independently of hurricanes, there is peace in the valley of the faith. Yeah: you need faith to humbly accept that there is a 'power' up up there... and we, human beings, are mere pilgrims on earth, with a glimpse of existence aroubt 80-90 year old!?  Listen up! Life is short...  God bless you this week, and protect you and your family.  PCSampaio 5585 9 9982 1165 WhatsApp Skype ID  pcesarsampaio Email

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