Friday, February 06, 2015

"Since you are God's little children, you must try to be like Him" (Ephesians 5.1). 

Yes, we have come to February-2015, and this is one more reason for which we should all be happy: we are all His children! This implies that:

1.   We should at least try to be like Him;
2.   We should at least try to make less mistakes  in 2015;
3.   We should at least read our Bible, much more;
4.   We should at least start making more "goods" rather than "bads";
5.   We should at least consider others as brothers and sisters; and not as "enemies to be beaten".

Is your religion making you better or worse? In case of "worse", then change yourself (and your religion, of course!). Get to know Jesus Christ! He will make you much better!

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