Thursday, December 18, 2014

"Every way of a man is right in his own eyes: but the Lord ponders the heart" (Prov. 21.2)

Let's be honest: almost all (if not all) ways are right in our own eyes. The point is that, after some time, we realize that things did not work out accordingly... exactly because they were not God's own desires! Well, and then, what to do!? How to fix and/or adjust the whole mess?

1.  We should take more time in praying and planning "our ways".
2.  We should surrender our plans in God's own hands.
3.  We hould be alert to the "signs" that our plans are "in God's route".
4.  IF the "signs" are negative... well, something seems NOT to be in accordance, and must be fixed.
5.  Waiting is the secret. We must wait, patiently.

God bless all my readers with a fantastic Christmas and a happy new 2015!

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  1. God is also wise and holy. He knows what is best for us, as well as what will lead us to holiness rather than sin. He is also immanent, meaning that God is active in His creation in a personal way, not only directing greater matters of history, but also involved in the life of everyone. This means that no prayer is too great for Him, but also that no prayer is too small for Him.