Thursday, September 18, 2014


Have a look at article below.
In  fact, cars in Brazil are stupidly and unacceptably expensive.
Now, with the crisis in Argentina, our beloved country of Brazl "start" searching new markets!
What a shame! Economists and "those who understand of car dealing" usually suggest:
1.  Government should minimize taxes charges to car makers;
2.  Brazilian car makers should reduce their BIG profits;
3.  Brazilian car makers should BE MORE EFFICIENT.

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Luiz Moan, president of Anfavea, association that represents the auto industry in Brazil, begins this Thursday a pilgrimage in search of new export contracts. If he is successful, the automotive industry will reduce its dependence on the Argentine market, which absorbs 80% of Brazilian exports. The sector is one of the most affected by restrictions imposed by the Argentine government on imports to try to maintain the level of its reserves. Colombia is the first destination of Mr. Moan, who is accompanied by an Argentine: Adefa, which represents carmakers in Argentina, is also seeking new business because falling demand in Brazil hurt vehicle production across the border. In October Mr. Moan goes to Uruguay, and later Ecuador is also on his agenda. Anfavea also intends to resume negotiations with Mexico, a market that Brazilian auto makers have lost for lack of competitiveness. 

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