Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo: myself in front of our little church, in Fortaleza City - northeastern Brazil.

Labour not to be rich: cease from your own wisdom" (Prov. 23.4)

We understand that the "ceasing" refers to a course and path which is not laid out by God. 

Verily, we live in a material world. Day after day, we are bombed by midia to purchase more and more; to achieve different levels of confort (or luxury?), etc. Without perceiving, we are led into temptations, led into turmoils, led into circumstances entirely beyond our own strenght and efforts. We must watch carefully; otherwise we might fall into pieces. 

Riches make themselves wings; they fly away as an eagle towards Heaven. Riches are temporary. Do not set your eyes on such, but set your eyes on the Lord. 

A place to live in peace; some food (yes, quality is important); some garment; some transportation; some real friends - apart from family members. Life should be simple! 

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Pastor/missionary to the world
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