Friday, July 13, 2012


It is always very hard to give a final and positive response to that question, hence the big number of lonely people walking down the streets, although cities are crowded!  Ain't that nonsense!? How anyone can feel solitaire surrounded by millions of people?

1.     Loneliness "attack" all people, from all walks of life. Money cannot buy you friends-s.
2.     Sadness, lack of interest on things, etc. are signals of loneliness (deeper). Watch out!
3.     Stretch out your soul-spirit! Get ready for new things and persons! Be open to the new!
4.     Talk to people. Do not expect them to come over talking with you! People are shy, like you!
5.      Go out! Chat on Internet! Read a book! Go out for a walk! Practice some sport!

Remember: life is very very short. Why to spoil your life crying all day!?

God loves you! There are good people (majority) at churches! Visit them! God loves you.

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Pastor/lonely never again...
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