Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Chinese Travelers are in the whole world today!

Digitally strolling on USAToday's site, today, 01.02.2012, I noticed that US Travel Industry couldn't be happier.

President Obama has eased visas for chinese travelers to come into US. Chinese travelers (rich people, of course) usually spend a bunch of money wherever they go.

US site says: In New York, Chinese spent on average $3,197 per person in 2010, the highest among foreign travel groups. "

They're sort of the new Japanese," Dixon says. "Ain't" it weird? Chinese labor force must live with a monthly income of less than 50 USDollars! Yet, the new "middle class" from China can fly to US and - believe me! - purchase "chinese made products", in New York, at a cheaper price... than in Beijing! Oh, world!

There is, to my understanding, a major problem: US travel industry people are now compelled to "get ready" to welcome chinese and - sure: please them, by understanding their ancient culture, not exhibiting certain numbers (like 44), speaking Mandarin, etc.

US and Europe facing tough times on their economies... The time (and Economy) changes minds, prejudices, etc. Yes, I know: Obama also eased visas for brazilians, once our economy has been booming over past 5 years...

Let the chinese flock to the world!

Oh, by the way: how many languages, do you speak?

Xie xie (thanks, indeed - in Mandarin!).

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
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