Monday, August 01, 2011


It is said that Republicans are working together to expell Obama from White House sooner (preferably) or later...!!! The point is that USA economy still sets Globe rolling over and over, again and again, 24h a day!

Stock markets world-wide were astonished on belated decision from USA to reach some agreement, which will give more time for the economy to recover and Obama to breath a little bit - while next elections comes in!

Should we say that US "Empire" is about to decline? Yes and No! Yes: no Empire lasts for ever. USA cannot - as before - politically determine everything in the world. China + Europe (Germany - mainly) + India + Brazil and other countries are playing important roles nowadays. Budget cuts will have to be implemented immediately by Obama. No: Empire(s) do not decline so fast - not at all! It takes time, centuries...!!!

We should all remember: if any default comes from Obama, the whole world will suffer - a lot! Hum, better help uncle Sam-Obama!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Pastor/political scientist
Skype pcesarsampaio

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