Monday, May 17, 2010

Such a long time such a short life!

There are commandments to obey, but who actually obey them?
There are roads-ways to be chosen, but who actually follow the best!?
There are misteries, un-seen things, things to be yet disclosed...!!!
In fact, we are all pilgrims in this land, and so shall be until our death.
Our lives shall be around 70, after that, we shall all feel tired... (Salm 90.10).
Taking into consideration our short life, we ought to:

1. Focus on our God;
2. Focus on our family;
3. Focus on our relationships;
4. Focus on things from a precise-intended angle;
5. Focus on ourselves, not on someone's else life.

Concentrate on a few things... You, dear reader, will NOT have a long time...

May God bless you today and ever.

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Skype: pcesarsampaio


  1. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Dear Paulo,
    Wonderful thoughts, as usual. But something intrigued me: what the picture is all about?
    Bless you always!

  2. Hi Tony! It's great to have you here again! Kindly see my comment above in response to your question. God bless you! PCSampaio