Saturday, January 30, 2010

Haiti - and now!?

Haitians and all whole world thank Lord and generous people who have been helping the poorest country of Americas. But after the terrible earthquake (7.5 Richter) that completely destroyed capital Port-Au-Prince, we have points to ponder:

1. Why only AFTER catastrophes hu-mans start helping other hu-mans?;
2. Why rich countries did not help Haiti BEFORE earthquake?;
3. Why rich countries faked Haiti was not next-to-their doors?;
4. Why US "invaded" Haiti WITHOUT ONU authorisation (once again!)?;
5. Why "christians" now jumped over Haiti with clear target to "look good" (some)...?

Why "look good"? Simple: again, why NOT BEFORE?
Who, who , who will inspect accountability of the "organisations"?
Why countries like Dominican Republic closed borders to haitian immigrants?

Okay: that's enough...!!!

Paulo Cesar Sampaio
Skype: pcesarsampaio

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