Monday, June 09, 2003

Speeches of Sharon and Abbas can be also read on
Mr. Bush said "all sides will benefit from this achievement and all sides have responsibilities to meet". Mr. Sharon said "We accept the principel that no unilateral actions by any party can prejudge the outcome of our negotiations. (...) We can also reassure our palestinian partners that we understand the importance of territorial contiguity in the West Bank for a viable Palestinian state". Mr Abbas said " We are ready to do our part. Let me be very clear. There will be no mililtary solution for this conflict, so we repeat our renunciation and the renunciation of terrorism".

Can anyone in perfect state-of-mind believe these three speeches?

Mr. Bush invaded Iraq against UN Security Council and millions of protesters world-wide who claimed for obedience to the sovereignty of nations. How can Mr. Bush claim for democracy, meaningful signs of respect for the rights of Palestinians - when he (Mr. Bush) did not pay any attention to the rights of iraqis to resolve their own problems with dictator-murder Saddan Hussein?

Mr. Sharon - old general - nows claims for peace... so does the world! Taking from Israeli newspapers today, it clearly seems that the 'radical shiites' inside Israel do not agree with Sharon. Anyone who reads will 'feel' the whole thing...

Mr. Abbas said to be ready to do his part... Would Arafat be also ready to stop terrorism via Jihad & Hamas? Most Israelis do not believe Mr. Abbas... Jihad & Hamas members have declared that Intifada will go on - regardless of Mr. Abbas promises. Will this fight stop one day? Only God/Allah knows!

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